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Common Questions

Offshoring is getting the work done in another country. You can build your own team overseas without spending time on recruiting and managing your own staff and you can have full control of your team’s processes, tasks and KPI’s.

Managed Outsourcing is a method or practice that ensures positive work results from the members of the team. Through our highly skilled management team who oversees all your team members’ performance, we would be held accountable for the results of their work.

Unlike with freelancers where you don’t have anyone there to monitor and manage their work, Managed Outsourcing bridges the gap for businesses to continually communicate with their outsourced members.

A dedicated employee is someone that is assigned exclusively to your business. We will provide you with an employee who will work with you full-time. This employee will only be focused on the task assigned by you and ensure that your company’s objectives are being met. We will not allow the individual member to be handling multiple clients so you can be sure that your employee is entirely committed to you and your company. Through our training, we will make sure that the employees provided to you can effectively work with you, display the right work ethics and strive to gain more knowledge and understanding of your business objectives.

We strive on following best practices to implement high-security measures. As a data-driven company, we prioritise the protection of all tangible and intangible assets. We have implemented the following security measures:

  • A non-disclosure agreement between our clients and employees
  • Employee background check
  • Installation of VPN, anti-virus software and firewalls for all inbound and outbound activities
  • Prohibition of the usage and access to external storage devices and unauthorized websites
  • IT team who manages our computer system and monitors all data access and security clearances
  • Password-protected systems and emails
  • Armed security personnel on duty on a daily basis to perform baggage checks and monitor of everyone who enters and leave our office premises
  • Biometric monitoring of employee access

We have company policies and processes to deal with confidentiality concerns. We also implement IT best practices with restricted access to all information. We also have a physical security guard on site. So we treat security and confidentiality very seriously.

In the event your allocated member decides to leave the company, we have a reserve team to accommodate for such situation. We will then initiate a new recruitment process to replace your out-going member.

Finding a replacement for your current member shouldn’t be a problem. We have processes in place to help manage this situation. Our processes will provide you with full guidance to ensure that you are compliant with employment laws and help manage your team’s moral during this period of the transition process and while looking for a new member for you.

Yes, it shouldn’t be a problem. You just have to let us know ahead of time so that we can arrange it with the member.

As mandated by law, all employees are entitled to paid leave – it may be for a holiday or for situations when they are sick. We are very strict when it comes to our employees’ attendance, that’s why we have policies and processes in place to maintain control and discipline in this area. We require all of our employees to provide documentation to prove the reason for their absences. If they plan to go on a holiday and take some days off, your member will need to submit a request at least 1 week ahead of time in order for you to have enough time to implement contingency plans so that your business operation won’t be greatly affected.

Each of our clients will be allocated with a Client Service Representative (CSR). The CSR will serve as your point of contact whenever you have any issues and concerns. Your CSR will also help you implement and clarify your instructions to your member to ensure he or she has the correct understanding.

Yes, the labor recovery cost covers all employee related benefits outlined below.

  • Government mandated benefits,
  • Paid, sick and holiday leaves
  • Health and dental benefits, and
  • Life insurance

Fixed Service Fee + Employee Labour Cost

Our fixed monthly service fee is $499 USD per agent. The total employee related costs will depend on your negotiated wages and salary along with related employee benefits mentioned above.

There will be no extra fees unless you have specific equipment and facilities requirements outside of our standard setup.

We are using the USD currency.

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